Meet our TV Application Platform

Easily add apps to your TV product

Give your customers access to the most popular series, films, music and more with our TV Application Platform, which can be seamlessly integrated into your existing UX. We have more than 300 apps available, along with efficient solutions for implementing premium OTT services like YouTube and Amazon.

Works on all set-top boxes, even legacy boxes

The Metrological Application Platform is software independent and works on any STB, because we use a cloud-based solution that needs so little memory, it even works on legacy boxes. The platform’s back-office features built-in flexibility, so you can quickly and easily adjust your content selection to your TV-viewer’s needs and preferences.

Make OTT an integrated part of your user experience

Our platform offers a wide range of options to seamlessly integrate premium OTT services and niche apps into a single TV viewer experience. End users won’t notice the difference between live TV and OTT content.


With our wide range of APIs, external developers can easily integrate OTT content within your existing UX. One big advantage to this, is that updating the UX won’t require you to update the entire STB.

Personal TV

OTT TV channels can easily be added to the EPG and channel line-up. This makes live TV a seamless mix of traditional linear TV and OTT TV.

Contextual Recommendations

Open apps while watching live TV and be surprised with suggestions for content related to what you are watching at the moment.

Unified Search & Discovery

Our platform provides APIs that give access to metadata search, which allows you as the operator to conveniently offer Unified Search. The APIs are available for external suppliers.


The opportunities notifications can offer are endless; from informing you that your favourite TV show is about to start to an image of who is waiting outside the door or a warning that the baby is crying.

Second Screen

With a simple QR code or hash, you can link your mobile devices to your TV and use it as a remote control, voting tool, game controller, or more.


With our Billing API, you can let customers perform transactions in apps, and the customers can then pay via the operator’s monthly bill.

Voice Control

With a simple API, you can transform mobile telephones and suitable remote controls into voice controllers.

Conveniently manage your App Store

The Metrological Application Platform delivers a product suite for onboarding and life cycle management of web and native apps across all set-top boxes. Optimize your content selection and adapt quickly to changing consumer content needs.

Manage your content catalogue

With our user-friendly web tools, you have everything you need to manage your apps yourself. Personalise your selection in categories and add or delete apps in real time.

Get to know your customers

Get a view on the use of apps and your customer’s viewing habits. Use the data to optimise the user experience of your TV product.

Gain insight into your App Store’s performance

The Network Operation Center gives you 24/7 insight into the quality, status, and performance of the apps in your App Store.

Build new apps with our open SDK

Our Software Development Kit contains all of the instructions and tools you need to build your own TV apps. The SDK is available to anyone, at no obligation to you.

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