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LightningTM is a lightweight, open-source framework for developing UX and TV apps. It is based on JavaScript and uses WebGL for rendering. No HTML or CSS necessary, resulting in high-performing browser-based TV apps. Lightning contains all the common features you will need when building your UX or TV app.


The power of Lightning

Many of the principles used in LightningTM were inspired by Google Polymer, Angular and other modern frameworks. By not being limited to HTML, we could use and combine our favorite design patterns, and create our own take on the ultimate component-based framework for UX and TV app development.

  • High focus on efficient use of resources
  • Leverages WebGL and Canvas2D
  • Not using HMTL DOM elements
  • Built with great performance in mind

Lightning Development Kick-Start Session

Let's get started with LightningTM during a virtual Lightning Development Kick-Start Session.

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