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September 23, 2021
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How NOS onboards premium OTT services and apps with the Metrological Application Platform

NOS, Portugal's primary Multiple-system operator serving more than 1.6 million households, advanced its UMA personalized television experience to the next level with the deployment of Metrological's Application Platform. With the Application Platform, NOS launched a cloud-based TV App Store for its subscribers and is now able to easily onboard, optimize, and monetize OTT services and app content.


Integrated cloud-based app store 

UMA is a multi-screen video service that offers viewers a truly personalized user experience on any device. Using the Metrological Application Platform, UMA subscribers gain access to the fully integrated cloud-based app store. This brings together the best in OTT programming, as well as live and on demand television into a single viewing experience. With this integration, consumers have access to premium OTT services, and niche and localized content, fully integrated without leaving the main screen or EPG.


“Giving our subscribers easy access to the best content and popular premium apps is more important than ever. Since we first began working together, Metrological has enabled us to respond to our subscribers’ changing content needs. With its Application Platform, we are able to quickly and easily onboard apps across all devices, integrated directly into our award-winning user interface our subscribers know and love.” - João Ferreira, Director of NOS Innovation Services 

Metrological App Library

With the Metrological Application Platform, NOS can source content from the Metrological App Library, which includes hundreds of pre-integrated TV apps, to offer their subscribers. NOS benefits from apps built with the open-source, lightweight LightningTM SDK. This optimizes the user experience for high-performant apps, across all NOS next-gen devices. 

“As a leading provider, NOS is known for ensuring millions of Portuguese subscribers have access to the best content for all tastes and ages in its eye-catching and intuitive user interface. We co-worked with NOS to deliver on this promise, and are pleased to support NOS as they continue to rollout popular premium and niche services that subscribers crave. As one of the most widely adopted solutions for app deployment across all devices, we are proud to help our customers speed and simplify the integration process.” - Jeroen Ghijsen, CEO of Metrological

About NOS

NOS is the biggest communications and entertainment group in Portugal. It offers latest generation fixed and mobile phone, television, internet, voice and data solutions for all market segments. It is leader in cinema film distribution and exhibition with the greatest number of cinema complexes and cinema theatres in Portugal. NOS has 5 million mobile phone, 1.7 million television, 1.8 million fixed telephone and 1.5 million fixed broad band Internet customers.

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