By Metrological
September 15, 2021
31 min. watch
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Super Aggregators: How operators are uniquely positioned to deliver integrated content experiences

In the new TV world with abounding content, consumers tire of complexity switching between different services and platforms, finding the content they want to watch. Pay-TV operators have to transform into “super aggregators”, to keep the consumer bound into the Pay TV ecosystem, to reduce churn and to expand the existing consumer relation.

Learn from the perspectives of Fetch TV, Multichoice, and Metrological.

In this panel, moderated by Julian Clover, Editor of Broadband TV News, you will learn from the perspectives of Fetch TV, MultiChoice and Metrological, on what it takes to become a super aggregator and how to:

  • Onboard and integrate content into one seamless UX, offering unified, standardized and personalized experiences;
  • Offer integrated premium OTT services, niche and localized long tail content, all behind one remote control;
  • Reduce barriers to sign up through existing subscriber billing relationships, as the trusted provider bringing all content into the home;
  • Take advantage of the emerging role of search and discovery to help surface content and transform each piece into an opportunity to connect with and engage customers; and more.

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