By Metrological
September 15, 2021
33 min. watch
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Super Aggregators: Delivering integrated viewing experiences in an OTT world

In today's OTT world, with abounding content choices and apps, consumers deserve integrated experiences that make it easy to find what they want at any given time. This webcast explores how operators are in a unique position to deliver aggregated video experiences that provide reach and engagement.

Super aggregator

It discusses how operators' TV App Stores and UIs can act as the "super aggregator" - and reduce barriers to entry for new viewers; seamlessly surface content and apps with integrated search and discovery; provide enhanced monetization opportunities; and more.

This session includes perspectives from:

  • Fraser Stirling, Chief Product Officer of Sky
  • Tom Barnett, Director of Partner Engineering at Amazon Prime Video
  • Greg Riker, Head of Sales and Business Development for the Americas at Metrological

and is guided by Julian Clover, Editor of Broadband TV News.

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