By Metrological
June 23, 2022
44 min. watch
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How Pay TV Operators remain relevant in the 2020s

Connected TV World Summit, London, 2022

How does Pay TV remain relevant in a world where content that was once exclusive to them, is now available via studio direct-to-consumer streaming services, across Smart TV and connected TV devices, for as little as a few euros a month? At the Connected TV World Summit in London, panelists from KPN, TalkTalk, Horse & Country, and Metrological, considered this question from the position of content providers and consumers. Why do they need Pay TV, and what does it continue to offer that is unique and which they cannot live without? 



      You can watch this in-person panel now on-demand. Discussion includes:

      • The value of Pay TV as a super-aggregator;
      • How to excel at making content discovery and navigation easy;
      • Where operators can add value for the streaming services they carry;
      • The lessons from successful apps ‘carriage’ partnerships;
      • How a great onboarding relationship manifests itself to joint subscribers;
      • How even small Pay TV operators can manage the onboarding lifecycle across potentially dozens of apps.
      • If ‘super-aggregation’ done well, can it attract new customers, and what will persuade late-20s first-homers to take a full-flavour Pay TV offering?

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