By Metrological
September 15, 2021
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Pay TV operators as super aggregators

Keeping the consumer for any content

At the NextTV Latin America Virtual event, Greg Riker, Executive Director – Head of Sales & Business Development, spoke at the panel: Pay TV operators as “super aggregators”: keeping the consumer for any content.


In the new generation of pay TV, operators are aggregating not only TV channels, but also SVOD, AVOD, VOD premium libraries, and D2C from TV Networks. These integrated viewing experiences make it easier for consumers to find want they want, keep them from switching between different platforms and reduce churn. New streaming devices arrival to Latin America and the rise of smart TV penetration, are increasing competition in the market. This boom in OTTs provides an opportunity for operators to deliver the highest potential for reach, engagement, as well as enhanced monetization opportunities for content owners.

Insides from leading providers in the LATAM market

Next to Metrological, this session includes perspectives from leading providers in the LATAM market: Digicel, Cable Bahamas and Toon Goggles. Topics addressed include:

  • How Pay TV operators can drive AVOD and SVOD D2C;
  • New content partnership dealings with OTTs and TV networks;
  • Content discovery and search evolution; and more.

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