By Metrological
September 15, 2021
60 min. watch
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The Battle for Engagement & Eyeballs

Industry VIP Roundtable

Metrological recently spoke at the virtual APOS Asia Summit on the Industry VIP Roundtable, “Video Aggregation – The Role of Pay TV & Telecom Operators; The Battle for Engagement & Eyeballs”.

Integrated TV experience

Providing a single, integrated TV experience is critical with so much content and app fragmentation. What is the role of telcos and pay TV operators in providing this, and how do you become the center point where your consumer finds the content he wants to watch? Some things are working, others are more challenging. But what drives your business value? And what does it take to provide an aggregated experience, in terms of UI/UX, integration into (legacy) set-top boxes, and more.

Speakers on this roundtable are:

  • Keith Huang, VP Pay OTT at PCCW Media
  • Terence Lai, Head of Product Marketing & Development at Singtel
  • Thijs Bijleveld, Head of Sales and Business Development EMEA-APAC at Metrological

The session is moderated by Vivek Couto, Executive Director; and Aravind Venugopal, VP of Media Partners Asia.

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