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Onboard OTT content and apps into your live TV offering with a TV App Platform

As a TV operator you want to be present and visible in the homes of the TV viewer, and keep your subscribers engaged. At the same time, TV viewers have abounding content choices, and they can consume their entertainment via many different services and platforms. You need to own the TV viewers’ demand to keep them glued to your TV environment. With premium OTT services and TV apps, you can extend your content offering and turn your set-top box into a modern-day streaming device.

There are three important questions you want answered while investigating how to onboard OTT content and TV apps into your live TV offering:

1. How can we integrate OTT content and TV apps into our live TV offering?
2. How do we get access to the content our consumers are demanding?
3. How can we monetize our OTT and TV app offering?

With these questions in mind, we developed the Metrological Application Platform: a fully integrated, cloud-based TV App Store solution, which is adopted by leading Tier 1 TV operators across the world.

TV Application Platform: to create or to integrate

First things first. What is a TV application platform? An application platform mostly refers to a cloud-based environment for designing, building, deploying, and managing applications. In this case, it is a platform where everything is optimized to bring TV and OTT together. A place where TV operators can easily integrate, manage and monetize their TV app store, and where content providers can launch and monetize their apps.

If you are looking for a platform to integrate, manage and monetize OTT content and TV apps, there are mainly two choices: create or integrate.

Create your own TV app platform

Developing your own TV app store gives you freedom and benefits. You can define all the requirements, develop your own branded platform, and own all the data. Sounds good, but building and maintaining an app platform can be time and resource consuming.

Besides the technical obstacles, you must also seamlessly launch the content your consumers are demanding into your existing UX. Content is king and critical to the success of your application platform and content strategy. But working with all the relevant content providers to onboard their app on your platform, negotiating every single contract, can be time consuming.

With OTT content, it’s all about time-to-market. Developments follow quickly, and you must respond quickly to consumers’ changing content preferences. If you want to offer a TV app platform to your TV viewers with a qualitative app catalogue, then integrating, rather than building, an app platform might be the way to go.

Integrate a proven TV app platform

Another option is to integrate a proven TV application platform. While considering this option, don’t forget about your most important requirements and critical success factors: fast time-to-market, operator-branded app store, the ability to run on all set-top boxes (both next-gen as well as legacy devices), easy to maintain, ownership of all data, full control over the app environment, and access to a monetizable app catalogue with premium, localized and niche content, optimized for TV.

The Metrological Application Platform is a proven TV application platform, which is adopted by Tier 1 operators around the world. Our Application Platform is software agnostic and runs on any set-top box. Because our cloud-based solution needs very little memory, it even works on legacy devices that may have been in a consumer’s home for many years. With the Metrological Application Platform, you can seamlessly integrate OTT services, niche, and localized TV apps into your existing UX.

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Full control over your TV Application Platform

The Metrological TV Application Platform is cloud-based and optimized for TV. We offer our solution as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), meaning you are in full control over your TV Application Platform and the data, while we manage the runtime, storage, network, and maintenance of the platform.

The Application Platform comes with a back-office product suite for easy onboarding, monetizing, and life-cycle management of apps across all set-top boxes. You get real-time insights and detailed statistics on the use of apps and your customers’ viewing habits with our Dashboard, enabling you to optimize the user experience of your TV product. With the App Manager you can also improve the app selection and adapt quickly to changing consumer content needs.

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App Library

To be able to respond to your customers’ content demands, you get access to the Metrological App Library. We have more than 300 apps available, along with efficient solutions for implementing premium OTT services. As you are in full control over your Application Platform, you decide which TV apps from the App Library you want to offer to your TV viewer.

Our Application Platform is adopted by Tier 1 operators, providing a reach of more than 40 million households to content providers. This global scale makes you a desired partner for (premium) content providers. You will quickly get the most popular apps to your customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and less churn, and ensure the TV viewer sticks within your TV environment.

Launch your own TV App Platform

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