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200+ premium apps available in library

Apps add value

A few examples how apps can increase ARPU & customer loyalty and reduce churn


Easily order food via your remote control.

Get social

Show & share photos, posts and comments with friends on TV.

Let’s dance

Turn a TV into your personal music station.

Work out

All favorite video services presented on your screen wherever you are.

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Choose what you offer

Your App Store

What if you could set up your App Store that works on all devices? And you only have to develop an app once? And how would you optimize your App Store operations and revenues? A managed App Store where you can decide what apps are published in a unified user experience across devices is what Metrological offers. You can manage and operate the App Store from one single screen, as easy as that.



The Metrological Dashboard is a business intelligence (BI) tool and a network operations center (NOC) in one. The App Store is operated, optimised and monetised through the dashboard, giving real time insight in the KPI’s and operations of the operator. The tool is fully customisable per viewer, via a simple intuitive configuration interface, showing the viewer’s relevant intelligence data.

Pick your own apps

App manager

The App Manager enables operators to manage, in real time, the App Store content and the user interface (UX) in an easy way. The App Manager supports user management and handles lifecylce management as well as the actual publication process of the apps.

app manager
Control your experience


Since the user interface is a cloud based service within the Metrological Application Framework, it works across devices and it is a centrally managed UX. A single update of the UX leads to an automatic real time update across devices. The lifecycle management of the UX makes sure it is a controlled and managed service.

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Fast time to market & easy to integrate

We take care

The Application Platform, App Library and SDK enable operators to launch, operate and manage their App Store. The Application Platform and Content services are available “as a service”. A carefree flexible solution to increase traffic, find new revenue streams and manage an App Store in the most efficient way.

Revenue share

Metrological offers over 200+ premium apps ready for publication once your App Store is live. You can decide which apps you would like to publish. We take care of content aggregation and have a legal framework in place. You get a fair revenue share, making the App Store profitable.

Business tools

The Metrological portfolio consists of smart integrated operations, business management and business intelligence tools. These tools are crucial to operate and manage your App Store in the most efficient way. Business management tools provide all necessary data to see what your viewers want and how you can optimize your offering.

Future proof

The biggest challenge is to make sure the App Store and business tools stay up to date: Many innovations are on the device side, viewers are pushing the line for new products and services. Metrological manages your Application Platform – technically, operationally and functionally.

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