Find your audience on the big screen

Publish apps across operator networks
and receive your fair share
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Reach further

Access to 20+ million households

Our Application Platform is device and operator agnostic. We provide access to identified and connected households. By adding your app to our App Library, you can reach 20+ million targeted households with one single app, no customization per device or operator needed.

Push messaging

Play along

Connect and interact directly with the viewer. Via push messaging the viewer is able to realtime play along with a broadcasting show on the big screen. Red button functionality becomes an app, opening a range of possibilities, amongst real time voting and social media interaction.

push messages
Multi screen

One single app on any device

By simply developing your app once, using web standards in an open SDK, you are able to publish it across devices. Our Application Platform allows interaction between appsrunning on multiple devices simultaneously.

unified viewing experience

Simply publish your app across operators

We take care

The Application Platform and SDK enable you to launch, operate and manage your apps across operators and devices. No need to longer maintain many application versions of one single app for different devices or operator networks. We will do the lifecycle management, Q&A and testing for you.

Revenue share

Metrological offers a reach of over 20+ million households already today. You will earn a fair share on any revenue made on your app through the Application Platform, while Metrological is sharing their part directly with the operator.

Future proof

The biggest challenge is to make sure the functionality offered through the SDK is up to date. Many innovations are done, making sure your app stays up and running and keeps you ahead of competition.

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